Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hey game, why are you so easy?

This post is about modern game design and modern tendency to keep AAA titles short linear and easy. They say it is good for a game to have tutorial because it will bring more different people to buy it. I think that is OK too but they should pay attention to hard core gamers who want many hours of gameplay (not just 4-5h like most of the titles) and want games to have very hard challenges. In Portal 2 you are being instructed at the beginning to look up or down - is that really necessary??? If a person needs to be told stuff like those, that person, with all due respect, shouldn't play games like that. Don't get me wrong, Portal 2 is great game and it gets pretty nice puzzles latter on, but some things are annoying. Another example is new Max Payne 3. It is painfully linear, shorter than previous parts and pretty much easier. Half of the game are cutscenes. It is like playing a movie which can be good or bad thing. On the other hand, tutorial is not so boring like in Portal.
I played original Tomb Raider few days ago - you start the game with empty HUD and after 30 seconds you get attacked by 5 dogs. I needed about minute to learn basic controls and to progress through the level. And I wont go in details how long the game actually is.
The point is, they should pay attention to game length and difficulty and try to keep satisfied both amateurs and hard core gamers.

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