Thursday, August 2, 2012

Animations preview

Vikings & the Dragon's Claw game is going well and we have most of the animations done. Today we are going to publish some preview of the walking animations. Motion Builder is our weapon of choice regarding animations in all of our games. For this model we used skeleton with 23 bones. There are not much details, for example, we didn't need finger bones because model is going to be small on the scene. Also we used one bone for each foot. Eyes are currently not being animated but we are going to add those to animations in final version. In the video below there are two versions of basic walking and one with waving which is supposed to play randomly. Other animations which are not shown in the video are axe throwing, lighting dynamite, vertical and horizontal digging, standing still (stopping other vikings from passing through), jumping and floating.
In the next week we will show some basic level concept.

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