Saturday, July 14, 2012

Game development from our point of view

Game development is creating new worlds. It is supposed to give player experience which he cannot have in reality. Player needs to be dragged into your imaginary world and needs to play by your rules. But also while he spends time playing your masterpiece he should enjoy and relax. He should not have feeling of wasted time and he should not ask himself "on what did I just spent 2 hours?". World of games can be simple but also unimaginably complex, so we (as game developers) have to find balance between necessary and unnecessary, easy and difficult, pleasant and unpleasant. That is not easy task.

Probably the biggest limitation for us is our own imagination. Every game is result of someone's imagination. It defines virtual world, characters, quests, graphics, and set of rules given to the player. He is guided by those rules and he uses them to communicate with your virtual world. We can get inspiration from different sources like music, movies, books, dreams, real world situations.
For us it all comes down to imagination. After you work your idea on paper all you have to do is "little bit" of coding and you will win your players hearts.

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