Thursday, July 19, 2012

Announcing new project Vikings & the Dragon's Claw

It is been awhile since we published our last project T.E.C. 3001 so we are happy to announce that we are near finish of our new title Vikings & the Dragon's Claw. It is cute little lemmings-like game for iPad with fluid gameplay. It represents improvement of original idea with some throwing axes, smashing catapults, big boss fights and other combat stuff. There are still basic elements like explosions, digging, floating etc.
Storyline is in basics like this: you are helping bunch of Vikings to find their stolen valuable item - the ancient dragon's claw. Their king sent them to check every castle in the North Lands. Ways to the castles are going to be hard and only smart and brave vikings will succeed.
In a next few weeks you can expect some things like models, concept art, animation, screenshots. In the middle of August there will be detailed announcement (release date, level numbers, abilities, bosses etc.). Also follow the game updates on facebook and twitter.

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