Sunday, July 22, 2012

Viking model

As you have might read last week (if you weren't lazy :P) we have announced new project Vikings & the Dragon's Claw. We will start to show some of the graphics by showing 3D model which is going to be rendered into sprites for main character(s). There were some discussions and concepts about how the character should look like and it is decided to be cartoon-styled little fat guy with axes and shields. Model has about 30000 faces (it is not optimized because it will be rendered into sprites), no uv maps and it will be rendered using toon shader. Even though model has some details, it will be very small on the screen so most of details are not going to be visible. Size of characters will be about the size of fingerprint and the game, as you know, is going to be for iPad. Animations are currently being done and we will publish here some of them soon. We will try and make several short cartoon films to serve as teasers with viking in a leading role.

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